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How Did You Find GirlsForum?


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I also found it on Google, but it's a bit dead here... Too bad because I was looking for a new girl forum. I've been on one for three years, but stopped with it a year ago and was actually looking for a forum where nobody knows me yet. But like I said, it's a bit dead...
Well, wanting to be more in touch with today's fashion trends and styles, I went searching for the younger crowd.
...and found this site.
Been here 2 days and so far, I am glad I joined.
Hearing from people from around the world is very interesting.
The forum maybe a bit slow but it is only as dead as you make it!


I wouldn't say dead but we are trying to jump start it as it has been slow in the past. We just need a good group to hang around for a while.


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I found Girls Forum through Facebook actually. I decided to check out the site because it would be nice to hear other's opinions on things. So far I like it here :cool:


I honestly don't remember. Must've been watching cat videos...that always takes me places :p


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I needed some advice for my hair. so I looked up something like "forums for girls" on google and it brought me here! im lovin it!


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I went on google because I was looking for a site that would be able to provide advice during hard times and I would also like to give advice especially if it would save somebody's life. Our generation is collapsing with all the advanced technology and dark souls all about...with all the deaths, our generation is one of the sadder ones...especially with how cruel kids are.


I was bored one day and wanted a forum where I can talk to women about stuff that I couldn't talk a man about so i went on Google and the first site to pop up was this one.

Wendy in Canada

I too was looking a site where I can talk to other women about anything and everything, and this is exactly what I was looking for. I haven't found too many sites for women-only or maybe I didn't google enough lol.


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I needed a couple people to talk to and admittedly don't have very many friends around me right now so I thought why not I'll find a girl chat room or something and we'll the rest is history.


I was in "enfemenino" a spanish female forum , but there people were always looking for sex , and I don't like it ..
So I start searching for another forums , (Iwas looking especially for english forums to improve my English) ... and now here I' am !! ;)