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How Did You Find GirlsForum?


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We're so glad that you found us! Was it by a referral, word of mouth, search engine or some other means? Let us know how you stumbled accross our little corner of the internet! :)
Me too Mesmie! I searched "Girls Forum" on Google and up popped this place. I joined last year and it was like a ghost town. No one was posting. I checked in everyday and slowly people started signing up and posting more. I think Miss Cleo is the only one who has come back from that little group of the very first girls here?

Amber was the Admin back then. She asked me if I wanted to be a moderator and I said no thanks, then Admin was our ...erm... Admin. She was awesome. She changed soooo many things and livened the place up. (Even though I still haven't recieved my prize yet after 2 months? Lol)

Wow. Im babbling big time today


I was also searching on google as "website and forum for girls" and I came and joined....last year. And this website is the best!! U can find a solution for anything......with the great helpful members :) u can get advice and tips on anything!



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Like everyone else that posted above me, I found GirlsForum through Google! I decided to join up and be involved with this forum. It's a great forum and I'm glad that I stumbled across it on Google. :)
..As most of the girls said in Above found it on Google,Well,I too. But honestly,GirlsForum wasn't my first choice here as it displayed on the 3rd tab,and obviously any one would click on first tab out of laziness...

The first one was "Girls only forum",If I recall it correctly.I joined it. But I didn't liked it. It was very messy. The boards were scattered.No moderators to control those spam threads. Every thread was like "TALK TO ME" . No real topic .

There was also a thread asking if I would be a moderator or not,I didn't applied there.As the forum didn't appealed to me.

Then,I joined GirlsForum.Finally. Oh BTW,In the 2nd tab it was a Bi's forum.And I joined that too....not that I am a bi,it's because I was curious.

GF is the best Girl's forum ever made on the internet! When I first joined here,The layout which you girls see were not the same. There were 2 girls standing beside the sign "Girls forum" logo. It was nice too.
And that time,the forum launched as a 'Beta'. After that day,I came here regularly,Participated in every topics I found here.

I saw a thread about 'Mods needed' and I applied. Wow,After 2 weeks,Amber (She was the first administrator here,I dont know what happened to her) mailed me asking if I would be a mod...and the answer was obvious "YES!"

I was the first moderator ever.Sure,it was very nice,but with that came a big responsibilty - Cleaning the boards . Spam threads/posts were every where. Deleting and locking threads were difficult. Also I had to move different topics on different section. Very difficult. But thankfully,after me - Emma (She's now ex-moderator as she's inactive ) and Starlight were choosen . They were pretty helpful. We were like best friends since then...after them - Maniac joined. And we 4 became a family ♥

And not to forget,Scoripluz joined us a few days after! =D

Ah,Wow. Seems like I recited a fairy tale's story,Huh ? O.O


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Gotta love Google.

I was randomly looking for stuff, and
I came across this site. I just joined,
and it seems pretty raddical! Hahaha.


Google search > girlsforum > I'm here!

well, I was bored looking for something different to do .. suddenly, I thought maybe joining to EnglishForum will be interesting! after I found GF .. I join on 27/2/08 .. I think it was the 1st or 2nd moth for the forum, there was afew member and fewest threads & post ..

I'm glad I still here ًٍَََِ .. ^^