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How did ı solve our sleep problem with my boyfriend?


New Member
Girls you should hear this, my boyfriend and I are having trouble sleeping. It may sound funny, but we sleep every night not knowing which side of the bed we're going to share, or which of us will fall out of bed while we're sleeping, in which part of my body I'll find my lover's arm and leg. It was sweet at first, but now I wake up with bruises because we're both used to messy sleep. Recently we had separated the beds as our sleep problem had reached a different level and he was sleeping on the sofa. I realized that our sexual relationship has become problematic because we can't have a healthy sleep. Even though I don't want to give details, my boyfriend has a focus problem.. 3 days ago, while I was researching on the internet about healthy sleep and sleeping positions of couples, I found a site and although I normally find them quite ridiculous, I read and practice them sincerely. And I noticed that we can sleep warmly. I scientifically discovered the effect of sleep problems on our sexual life and this site definitely met my needs. Even though my experience is only 3 days old, I'm thinking of updating this place, let's see if our sexual life can regain its old health.