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Holiday bikini worry! Emergency!


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I’m going to South Africa with my boyfriend in a few days and I thought my bikinis that are a bit too small would be fine as they still support my boobs (given I tie them tight enough) buut the boyfriend reminded me of the water rides and slides we’ll be going on and I’m now worrying about the dreaded and possible slips and therefore unwanted exposure on my part!

I haven’t been in the bikinis for anything other than sunbathing in a long time and even when I was in the water, it was at a women’s only pond where it would have been funny rather than drop dead mortifying

Any advice on how to keep a bikini on? Considering a slim body with quite big boobs (hugely obvious if it were to happen basically)
How tight to tie if tight at all etc.?
I’ve read that double sided tape is a thing but waterproof?

And I don’t have the time or the money to actually go out and buy a new one even though that’d be the most reassuring thing to do

Thank you lovelies for any advice you can give! ☺❤


I'm sorry to say I can't give good advice here since one of my biggest malfunctions was losing my top while swimming in the ocean waves. The best suggestion I can make is to hang on to your top if/when you're in any situation where it might come loose. It may not be a great solution but it works.


The only thing I can say is to minimize the event if it were to happen by wearing nipple covers. I did a search and the first item to pop up was: Nudwear waterproof nipple covers. About $20. Hope this helps somewhat.

Charlene Heaton