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Whats Ur Meaning For Highwaisted Pants

  • Highwaisted Pants Are Just Above your ass

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  • Highwaisted Pants Are To The belly button

    Votes: 3 75.0%
  • Highwaisted Pants Are To Your boobs

    Votes: 1 25.0%

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New Member
hi Guys i Liked to Know What Ur meaning of highwaisted pants where comment down or in the poll

Gaby Eugene

New Member
Oh, I recently purchased a pair of high waisted pants and I just love how secure I feel in them. Plus, they hold in my belly and give me such a flattering look!
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rachel mcquire

New Member
High waisted pants enhances your body shape and makes it look really attractive. They look amazing with crop tops and you may also look cute in short tank tops if you have narrow shoulder line. Another option you can try is a denim shirt tucked in the pant, it gives a really rugged look.


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I really find these pants amazing and i use them for slimming down i mostly use these ones:

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i have worn waisted jeans but prefer feel and appearance of low waisted jeans better. very difficult to find high waisted products in taiwan.


Just a figment
I wear a lot of vintage jeans from the '80s. They were made to fit so much better then than they do now. They hug all the right contours and don't try to hide the female physique like so many styles nowadays. The ones I wear come up to my bellybutton and they're sexy as hell.
I have been a fan of high-waisted pants and shorts for ages! And now I am also liking skirts that have high waist! They are phenomenal.