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Hi, I need a makeover but I don't know where to start!


Blissfully Beautiful
Hey girl, brilliant! Sometimes life needs a little perks like make over and make yourself feeling good again!
First of all, you may want to get a new hairstyle! I kind of like your features and so, by having a new hairstyle like short one, attention will be brought to your features. Straight lanky nose, beautiful eyes and a nice smile will do the trick!

Color your hair if you have no qualms about hair colouring. Next, try to find that signature smile or poise of yours by looking into the mirror every day for the next 28 days after new hairstyle. Smile, tell the person in the mirror that she looks awesome and you like her so much!

All in all, love yourself, celebrate every little achievement or pleasure from day to day. No matter how small it is like a praise or a deed that you have done for others. Cherish yourself, your good looks every day!

"Choose your Love and Love your Choice"
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hi, what about make up? you can wear some blush or mascara. have you ever heard of contouring? with that you can seem your face to be good shaped.

maybe also some clothes in bright colours can help

good luck :)


Blissfully Beautiful
Yeah, I agree with Verenaa. Install the vibrancy in you and your mood will be lifted! You will have a dynamic aura around you and you will feel energised! Everyone around you will be affected by your positive energy and always stay around positive people!

Gaby Eugene

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You have great facial structure. Your eyebrows and eyes are on point and you have a warm, genuine smile! But if you're set on a makeover, I'm with Mintysandy - a new hairstyle is a great first step. You could do something dramatic like an a-line bob. But your hair seems thick and voluminous, so I'd recommend adding some texture throughout your current style in order to bring out more of that lift!

Garment girl

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Hey you don't need a whole face rearrangement. Your beautiful ;) A little hairstyle will do and some make up then always be positive always wear a smile and tadaaah! See it for your own ;) Have a nice day and god bless!

Kadee Kizer

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I agree with a new hairstyle. If you aren't sure what would look best, you could always go to the salon and ask them for their professional opinion. I'm a huge makeup enthusiast as well. Some people hate it because they say "you should feel beautiful on the inside," however, makeup is a great way to enhance the beautiful features you already have. You could try contouring -- there are so many videos on YouTube that show you the correct way to do it. I would also try some lipstick, lip gloss, or lip stain. You want to make sure the lip colour you use goes with the season. Right now I'm obsessed with Melted Chihuahua by the brand Melted (yes, very weird name). You can find it at Sephora and it's around $21. It works for fall and summer, so you would get your money's worth.


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You’re beautiful! If you don’t wear makeup maybe try experimenting with some natural products at first such as tinted moisturiser or some liquid highlighter ❤ I always try and buy one piece of clothing I wouldn’t usually buy once a month and end up loving it! Just experiment and see what works for you ❤