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Hi girls!


Tiny person
I don't really have any close irl nor online girl-friends, which can get quite frustrating at times when you just want to be all girly, talking about guys and clothes, make-up or intimacy. I'm just 18 years old, halfway there to 19.

I love -
Learning languages
Cute clothes/ cute things
Romance webtoons
Crocheting (I just began learning!)
Good food/ sweets/ snacks
All kinds of music
Comedy/ superhero /horror /romance movies
Anime/ cartoons
MMORPG games mainly

I am quite shy but open up throughout the friendship, I'm very open-minded and accepting and I treasure the right people a whole lot so, I think that's about it. :) Thanks for having me here, I'm hoping to have some pleasant interactions!


Staff member
Hi, Xeloo! We're glad to have you here!! Welcome. :)

(I like the same things you like also. I'm sure you'll make lots of new friends here.)