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Hi Does Anybody Like Prince Harry Here?

JennJenn Boey

hello everybody!!!!
I've been keeping updated with news about Prince Harry, I wrote to him a couple of times but he didn't reply, mum says to stop fantasizing lol.
I wonder if any of you guys are also interested in Prince Harry.
I might be going to UK soon, but don't know when, maybe we can be friends!
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he is very handsome, rich and wild. i follow his news always. hope you are lucky enough to hook up with him when you go to the uk. meghan marks is his current live in girl so you will have heavy competition. let me know if you get lucky as sure he is the cheating type.


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jen, pay him a visit. tell me details where and when in singapore. i did a photo shoot for brazzer in january at sentosa siloso beach in singapore. maybe we meet if my schedule allows. i have a photo shoot in bangkok, thailand on june 5-7 at chaweng beach no other appointments in june, yet.


He is hot, handsome, charming and most important he loves kids. In a NBA match i don't know exactly the team names, but the Prince Harry watching the match in the court and eating popcorns. At that time a small girls stole some popcorns from prince harry and after he notice that girl he start playing with her how cute is he.