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Hey Sexy, What are you wearing? Lol

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Well girls, here's a thread to skyte or just let us know what you're wearing today.

I went on to Polyvore.com and created a replica of what I wore today... Im curently in my PJs lol

So here it is.. Minus a ring and my handbag I couldn't be bothered looking for and it was a mission putting the bits and pieces together... But it was fun

You dont have to got through Polyvore to show us what you're wearing though. Just a description. It could help the less co-ordinated... well... co-ordinate, and we could share ideas.

Well?? What are you wearing today?

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Nice thread maniac *Huggles* ^^

I'm wearing a blue long sleeved top and blue pants. (Pjs) i have pink ones too ^^
Wow.. Loks like Pjs are in this season huh?? Lol

I took my gladiator sandals out today.
black footless tights
Black and purper knee high dress
Short cut black vest
and dark purple eye shadow


I always wear 1 ring and 1 necklace.......the ring a wedding one, the necklace one that signifies a troubled time in my lifers life that he gave to me. Otherwise I am bumming it a little now in some sweats and a thermal (tis damn cold outside).

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I woke up about 4 hours ago (It's 10:25AM here right now) and i got changed so i'm wearing Shorts, with a top and white socks. ^^

Going out later, hehe ^^. So, i'll have to change again ^^
cooool pic maniac!!!! me too at home so not wearing special.just a fuchsia long shirt n lime trouser.
Thanks Snowy.. You can make you're own at Polyvore.com. You can add pics from other sites as well and put together your own little collage.
I just came from my private tution,So I am wearing a red top that says "Bitches are sexy" (Too rude?) .A skinny blue jeans with a sexy pair of pockets,It's shape is like " W " .And a bracelet,Green one.I know odd combination o_O

Finally a pink clip and some eye liner.. minus a lipgloss
Im not working today!! Yay! Catching up on the house work. So today Im wearing....

Black track pants
White singlet
Tight fit black hoody


I spent my day at home again .. but we should be pretty even if we was at home right :p !!

I wear today ...
pink pant with green lines "scheme" , green t-shirt and long necklace holds a red coccinellidoe :D
Im at work wearing:
Blue bootcut jeans
Aqua LOW cut short, short sleeve tshirt
blue v neck singlet

and (remember Im at work)

Steel cap boots
and a lab coat!!
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