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hey guys! i have an important question

should i leave him?

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my boyfriend hates it when i get tattoos but i really love them. like they hold a really significant meaning for me. what do i do?
p.s i getting a tattoo today


be good lady
boyfriends should support you feel not put challenge down. you can want marking and loving him too

so many boys available, can chose more better partners
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I have five tattoos and would never let anyone control my body like your boyfriend is trying to do to you.

tell him my body my decision if you object lets break up, if he loves you he will back down


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It's your body, and you can do whatever you want, as long as it's safe of course.
If he can't accept you, then he's not the right guy for you, and the break up will eventually come. End it now, before things get too serious. And I understand that you may love him, but you should love yourself even more girl!


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Yet when a guy gets a tattoo, it's not called a tramp stamp! It's just called a tattoo.

Once again, poor women are insulted for doing the same thing a man does but society doesn't insult men! grrrrr!!

what do i say to him? he says that i put my tattoos first before him
It sounds like he's trying to control you by making you choose between the two. You shouldn't have to choose. There's no reason why you can't have both, if you have the right boyfriend. ;)
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It's two-sided coin. From one perspective - what is more important, your relationship or tattoos? And from the other perspective - have a talk with your boyfriend over this issue and then decide.


Hannah Grace
Personally I would have a conversation with him and try to work out the feelings he might have about your tattoos and if all else fails do not stop getting tattoos because he want you to. This should be something no one except you should have a say in until it becomes a money issue because they get expensive.
I hope all works out well girl!