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hemlines after age 50


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So I was in a shop trying on a pencil skirt. The hem fell about 2 inches above my knee. Now granted a pencil skirt usually falls about the knee, but since I am 5'11 the hemline is a good bit higher than on other women. The sales clerk remarked, not unkindly, that women my age usually don't show that much of their legs. I bought it anyway, but it got me to thinking. Is it undignified for a 56 year old woman to wear their skirts above the knee?


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I think it's fine. Some women, at any age, will often wear black/dark blue tights if the skirt is an equally dark color.
But if some people don't like it, they don't have to look. ;)
I'm sure you look lovely, hon.


Yes, I agree! No issue with showing your legs. But I suggest you wear pantyhose or stockings to embellish the look of your legs. Something that is lost on todays young girls. So much more sexy!


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I have been told I have good looking legs so I'm more than happy to show them off. Yes Charlene, I almost always wear stockings or pantyhose.