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Help, not sure what to do


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I have been with my guy for 20 yrs now. My son is now in college and we have decided to step up our relationship. Its been very rocky for a long time and even went with out sex for more thwn 10 yrs because he wasnt into it anymore. Which made me think i was ugly and very small. Well since Nov we have started getting close again and even sex is part of our weekly thing. But I noticed he was watching alot of porn and couldnt keep it up in bed. Soo i talked to him about it and he has since stop watching it. But now hes on YouTube looking at girls non stop and the sex has stopped again. He wont look at me anymore or even touch me. Im so confused and not sure if i should bring it up. We were supposed to get married in jan but shit happens and now I'm wondering if he really even wanted to get married at all. Can anyone help me.
Seriously confused


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First off, he needs to be evaluated by a doctor, and then counseling. I'd leave this guy and find somebody else who could fulfill all of your needs.

Zefi Styles ❤

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Talk to him. It’s ok for him to watch porn but that shouldn’t affect your sex. I suggest you start watching porn and masterbating as well


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I would talk to him. If we can't talk to our significant other, maybe we shouldn't be with him.

He might have been cheating on you/having sex with other women or looking at porn, sexting, etc. over those ten years.

A lot of older men have difficulty getting an erection (which is why so many men take Viagra).

Of course the sex has stopped, now that he's looking at girls on YouTube. He's getting his sexual gratification online.

I'm glad you didn't get married in January. Would you want to be with a guy who can't/won't be faithful to you? I wouldn't. Good luck, hon.