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Help meee!!!

Zefi Styles ❤

New Member
I have a crush on a guy from my school for over six months. I think he also likes me bc everytime we are in the same room he stares at me and he follows a lot of the same pages that i follow on instagram. A couple months ago he asked a girl out but she turned him down. Yesterday, we were in a school dance and he sat next to me. My friend also told me that he was looking at me. The problem is that after the party he asked a girl out and now they are dating. Pls tell me what I should do. I' ve been trying to get over him for a really long time and I cried over him a lot of times as well! ❤


Staff member
It's terrible when we like someone and they like someone else more than us.

I would suggest maybe just try to be a friend to him. He's seeing someone else but hopefully you and he can hang out as friends. Having him in your life as a friend might be better than not having him in your life at all.
And then, who knows what the future holds. He may eventually develop feelings for you (or you may get to know him and not think he's all that great after all). ;) Good luck.