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Hi! In September 2019 I moved to a different country. I’m a sophomore and I’m going to a new school for the next 3 years, so basically until I finish highschool. From the moment I stepped foot in that school, I noticed a guy that looked cute but I though he was like a senior or a junior because he looked older. After the first week I found out that he was a sophomore too. We are not in the same class but we have PE together once a week. I’ve never talked to him or anything I just know some of his classmates. After a month or two of going to that new school I found out that we are living in the same block of flats. And that our apartments are next to each other. So basically he is literally my neighbor he lives right next To me. We live in the same building and same level. His door is literally facing mine. Okay so we have never talked before but in school breaks during the school days he hangs out in the same place as I do with his friends. He has a best friend and they are always together. I’m not really sure if he knew that we are living next door. But!!! There was a day I came back from school and his best friend sent me a friend request on ig!!! I was like wow and then a few hours later the guy that I like sends me a friend request too!!! Does that mean he’s Interested? Also, the thing is that he follows very few people not even some of the people he hangs around the school. He literally follows a hundreds people, celebrities included and I am one of the few girls from school that he now follows. He doesn’t even follow girls that he was friends with in freshman year. help meee I need to see what everyone else thinks about this


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It sounds like he likes you as a friend. Whether his feelings are any deeper than that, only he can say. It does seem "suspicious" (in a good way) that he sent you a friend request and (as far as I know) he hasn't even spoken with you at length, yet.
He might be shy and that's why he hasn't introduced himself to you, yet. You might see each other if you're coming out of your flats at the same time, one day.

If he does like you, you'll have to decide what to do regarding your guy friend that you love (back at home).