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Help! I Need Career Advice!


New Member
Hi! So I’m in middle school and the year just ended. I finished with all 100s, and that’s how it’s been all of my life. However, recently I have been thinking more about pursuing my passion for acting when I get older. I need help deciding whether I should stay on the academic path I’m on or pursue my passion as an actress. Please share your opinion and help me if you can.


Staff member
Congratulations on completing another school year and getting such good grades! :cool:

It's wonderful to have a passion. Because acting is so popular, it's often difficult to make it a full-time career.
So I would recommend staying on your academic path and pursuing acting as a hobby. If you become a successful actress, you can always change your path and pursue acting full time.

Good luck in whichever path you choose to take. :)


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Acting does not pay well dear. unless you are a superstar and there are very few of them. Stay in your academic career- you seem to have a natural gift for scholarly pursuits. Indulge you acting desires with on campus acting groups and community little theater. They are free, fun, and you don't depend on them for a living.

sandy brady

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second everyone here, we all have dreams but we have to be realistic, get that academic career and then go off to your dreams knowing that worst case scenario, you have your degree to lean on.