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HELP! I don't know if he likes me!


New Member
So there's this senior at my school, and I'm a freshman. This guy is sweet, he has opened up to me about his life, and he teases me alot. I don't know what to do! My mom won't let me date til I'm 16, and he'll be long gone by then, if he even liked me in the first place. I just need to know if anyone else like a senior and they're a freshman, or if anyone has advice on what to do.


New Member
Hi Abigail. It is quite normal for relationships to have a slight age gap and I assume this guy is only a few years older than you which is completely normal. It sounds like he has taken a shine to you and is attracted. I would keep him as a friend for now, get to know him and let your relationship develop naturally. By then you will be of age to do as you please and if your relationship progresses the you can take it further!
Best of luck from England!