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Hello, This Question Is For Open Minded Ladies Only, How Can I Get My Mom To Stop Being Judgemental?


Hi Girls, I unfortunately have a problem with my mom, i'm in my late 20's my bf is in his mid 20's
and she apparently does not like him because of his Race/Ethnicity:mad:. I'm An African-American Female, He's Latino(Mexican Or Salvadoran)
and he has done nothing to my family, i love him a lot and he is a hard working guy and if i tell her (Mom) she won't believe anything i say to her and think he's a liar and a criminal. i will stop talking to her if she continues to disapprove of him and her racist Comments, His Name Is Jon(Not His Actual Name)
And He Doesn't Talk Much(He's Shy) he is very attractive, doesn't speak English too well(I know how to speak Spanish fluently & i practiced since August of Last Year)
i plan to marry him when i at least have a job and save enough money i plan to wed in 2023 or 2024 and hopefully i will be hired this year at a restaurant or a coffee shop thats my plan one time me and my mom got into a fight/argument and she said she'll never accept him in my life she has called my relationship with him stupid and dumb and it really hurts my feelings i want her to leave him alone even though he does not live with me and he is in my area
so my question is how can i stop her from being judgmental i can't take this anymore with her she doesn't say anything about guys my own race
at this point i feel so depressed because of her everyday and there is no where to escape from her
i only have a few friends who support me and this relationship which is all good? what can do ladies to fix this relationship i also have cuban/spanish ancestry in my blood so i am proud of it and she's not its on her side of the family.


Staff member
well first off, mixing races is bad business. You will offend many people in both races. A child that results will bear the prejudice for his whole life. Your mother knows this from her life experience and she is trying to shield you from the hurt. I would fix it by breaking off with him and finding someone in your own race. Then no problems.