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Hello ^_^


New Member
Hello, I'm Candy, yes thats my real name.
I'm new, and just saying hi! Hope this place is welcoming.

I noticed people have introduced themselves a bit.

I am 13, I live down south (In the United States). I am single currently. I had one boyfriend in the past. I enjoy talking, and meeting people. I am happy to hear of new interests. I am involved in ballet, jazz, and modern dance. My favorite ballet is Giselle. I enjoy silly things like animated shows and movies. Everything Disney makes me happy lol.


Staff member
I love ballet and animated shows and movies too. (Some half-hour "cartoons"/animated TV shows are more entertaining and have more of a plot/story line than a lot of "grownup" movies. I'll watch some movies and think: "Oh, this is soooo booorrring!! No wonder I like anime/animated movies better! :D )

And welcome to Girls Forum! :)