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He picks is dad over me .....


New Member
i have been dating my boyfriend going on 6 years now i am deeply in love with him after of 2 years of dating we decide to buy a house and move out of our little appartment we were looking for about 6 months and we finally decided on a house 2 weeks before we moved in he tells me that his father has no where to go he is basically homeless and that he needs a place to stay for acouple months max 3 months that was the agreement until his dad finds a place to stay.... our realtionship between me and his father was great the first 6 months and the he started disrespecting me making sexist and rasist jokes and female jokes but it wasnt a joke it was hurtful and mean and the day i lost all respect for him was when one night i was in my bedroom and i had a plastic cup and plastic plate empty and instead of going all the way to the kitchen to through it out i through out in the bathroom it was closer i was going to through the grabage the next day anyways it wasnt a big deal and when i came home for lunch he tells me that he has a surprise on the floor in the bathroom i went to go look what he was talking about and the grabage was all on the floor of the bathroom! what was his point of doing that! thats not his house or his problem and i was so mad and my boyfriend never does anything about it like if he is scared of him or to stand up for me i left crying and grabed my stuff and stayed with my mom for a week and my boyfriend called me crying that he is sorry for him to act that way and i forgave him of course and ever since then me and his father have a horrible relationship and its now going on 4 years and on top of all that we have been supporting his father for 4 years he has no income and he doesnt not work once in a while he get work done around the house but thats about it and i am done i am fid up so the situation now is that my boyfriend is relocating for work 2 hours away he wants to sell the house and move closer to his new job but he start his new job in acouple of weeks and moving in with his friend during the week and coming down on the weekends while i stay back and continue living with his father alone i dont feel comfortable with that and the plan was for his father to move out by january and now my boyfriend is telling me that he is not leaving until we sell the house
i told my boyfriend that i dont feel comfortable with that and now that his father is threating to kill himself is make me feel even more unsafe and he is still choicing his father over me i could have left long time ago but i chose to come back and to stay for my boyfriend because i love him and
i have no idea what to do any advise for this situation

sandy brady

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i understand ur bf s need to stick to his dad. HOWEVER!!!!!! he should be respectful of you ,afterall u are in this relationship together and he should be caring of ur emotions as well as his own. so i d say sit them down. speak about the issues and try to fix them. if all fails, i dont see the point in people blaming suicide on others, that is a low blow in my opinion