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He doesn’t seem to like my natural hair ??


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hi guys, so I had this crush on a guy for a pretty longtime but he never really noticed me, until one day, I decided to straighten my hair and since that day, I noticed him always being around my friend group and giving me some looks. I was really happy but my natural hair is kinda curly (really really curly) and he tends to hang out with blond girls with blue eyes so I’m kinda lost. (He maybe has a special type) I think he noticed me because of my hair... Anyways, today, I washed them so they were even more curly than usual :/ and I was kinda nervous to see him with them.

I was talking to my guy friend and I think he saw me and approach us... I think he noticed them and doesn’t have interest on me anymore. (because he didn’t come to eat close to my friend group like he usually did when I had my hair straighten...) I don’t wanna straighten my hair everyday for a boy, I truly love them curly, but I don’t want him to lose interest on me too. What do I do, he’s not worth it or I’m just being paranoia.


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I think it might be too early to tell. I'd wait a little while and see how he acts. If he is only interested in you because of your hair, you might not want to get involved with such a shallow, judgmental boy anyway.

If he didn't talk to you when he ate with your friend group, he might not be staying away from your group because of you (or your hair style and/or color). He might not be interested in the members of your group anymore or he might have wanted to talk to someone else.

It would be normal for anyone to notice when our hair style is different, even some boys (who often don't notice things like; if we wear a new dress or shoes or have a new hairstyle :D).

I would recommend wearing your hair whichever way you'd like, hon. If a boy isn't interested in you as a person, he's not worth your time.