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Has anyone else run into a guy who is "way too attractive" like this?


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When I was on my first year in college about 3 years ago, I had a guy in my class who was considered hugely attractive by pretty much all girls who interacted with him.
I think he was about 6'6 in height, muscular and physically fit, and had a very beautiful face, and I noticed from the very first day that girls liked him - they would stand and whisper to each other while glancing at him, try to find excuses to talk to him, or basically just gawk at him.
I started to notice more of their behaviour during the next following weeks, like for example it was fairly common that girls who had classes the same times as us in a nearby classroom would approach him all at the same time and try to get him on dates, and he would look a bit flattered but almost always say no to that, since he was constantly dating some other girl who had snagged him.
I also noticed multiple times that the girls who talked to him were always really excited, like for example they would blush, talk with a somewhat shaky voice and bite their whole lower lip for a long time, and sometimes even look a bit out of breath.
And even though he was always treated like this, he seemed to be very humble about it - if girls told him that he was hot or had beautiful eyes, he would just smile a bit and look flattered, and maybe flirt back a bit.
And I know that he was attracted to girls as well, since I often saw him sit and make out with them and would often make physical moves on them when they were sitting down together, and some of the girls could occasionally tell their friends about their "hot dates" with him, and those friends would have reactions that were a mix between great curiosity and a hint of jealousy.

Basically, he had a very easy time with these girls, to a degree that he was guaranteed to have dates and sexual encounters with them if he didn't firmly object to it.
And he did seem to enjoy that as well, since he seemed to have a different girl like every other week or so.
It seemed as if most girls who talked to him ended up asking him out within a few minutes, as far as I can remember.

Is this something that you have ever noticed in an unusually attractive guy?


New Member
I used to have a guy like that in my own college class 2 years ago, and I actually had a few dates with him;
he was probably about 6'6 tall or so, and he was very muscular in a natural-looking way, and he had a very pretty face.
He was that kind of guy who you couldn't stop looking at, even when he caught you doing that.

I remember that several girls in our class were flirting with him even on the first day, and he got several girls' numbers just like that out of nowhere.
Then he would have casual dates with some of them, as well as girls from other classes.
Sometimes he would even be approached by a group of like 3-4 girls after the end of a class, and basically need to pick one of them.
I would often see him sit with some pretty girl on his lap and make out with her.
He would also usually have several other girls who sat next to him while he had the romantic company of one of them, and those girls would look at him like they were just waiting for him to pick them some time in the future - a kind of sweet, inviting and lustful gaze, and a bit of giggling and blushing when they talked to him.
It was quite amazing to see how he could just pick and choose like that.

I had a short relationship with him myself for about 3 weeks, and our meetings were very much about having sex;
we would go home to him after school and have sex, then I would stay the night with him, and we would have sex before we left for school in the morning, and sometimes go home and have sex during the day if we had a long break.
It was more or less like that for all of those 3 weeks, until he dumped me for another girl, and I believe that this was a very regular thing for him, since he often switched girls and often let them follow him home.
I guess it was a good thing that he dumped me, since it would be very exhausting to have a real relationship with a guy like him.