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Harry Potter or Twilight Saga?

Harry Potter Series or Twilight Saga?

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Harry Potter hands down. I used to like Twilight until I started 'reading between the lines' so to speak, not only the that but the movies really killed the whole thing for me.


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i m not a harry potter fan but i find them watchable.
twilight on the other hand...i m not into this clichee, illusion, girly type of thing. it bores me and if it gets too much it makes me feel sick but that is a only my feeling.


Sure I like both of them. HP is the book of my childhood)) Thats why I like it. But I think I grew out of it and Twilight didn't seem like a fairy tale.


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Ah, i cant decide! They're both well good films! I think i would have to choose Harry Potter. The Harry Potter films are great, and so are the Twilight ones, but the Twilight books are better than the film so i would go with Harry Potter ;D:thumb:


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I'm a Harry Potter fan all the way I've never really liked the Twilight Saga it never really appealed to me, there's not enough excitement and the whole romance thing is awkward for me to read o_O

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luv both of them sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much!!!!!!! hard 2 decide. glad there is a both option. ;-)
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