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Hair removal


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Hi everyone

Ok this is going to be a long one.

I am hairy when I say that I mean it I have hair all over my body head to toe. Some is baby fine hair but still being Asian and having dark hair doesn't help. I’ve tried shaving worst thing ever cuz it comes back quick and now I wax I need to like wax in one area three times to get hair off that area.

I basically want to remove hair all over meaning from my stomach to my face cuz I want to love my body and have a smooth body

How does everyone else do it. It looks soo effortless for any other girl. I even have hair on my neck that fin but I can still see and full it.
Going to try laser without shaving and get a laser machine at home.

But if anyone has any tips on how to soften my hair or get rid of it any other way I would be thankful

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After you take a shower, I would recommend rubbing conditioner on your skin where the hair is. Then gently let the water run over your skin (to rinse off any excess conditioner). Then air dry or pat dry with a towel. (Or maybe soak in a bathtub with some conditioner in the water, then pat dry your skin with a towel). :)


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The best way to remove unwanted hair to use HairFree. It is absolutely amazing. I would prefer it over waxing and shaving. If you haven't tried it, you are seriously missing out on something amazing.
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