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Guy Problem


New Member
Today i did Some christmass shopping.
When i noticed that 2 Guys were staring at me, idk to wich body part they were looking at but i guess it was my butt. But i really had nothing to show

I was just wearing my crop top with my zipper pants that shouldn't been the cause, atleast i hope so

After i finished the christmas shopping i did go to a café for a drink and the Guys followed me in and sat right behind me

I stood up to go and pay my Bill but one of the Guys Pulled down my zipper. I didn't noticed it at first, but when i left the café everyone stared laughing at me!

Any tips to avoid this next time?

Greetings Kyara! ❤


Well-Known Member
A lot of zippers have a hole in the tab. If ours doesn't, we can make a hole, thread a safety pin through it, and attach the pin to the pants/clothing. It can be done in such a way that we only see a thin piece of metal on the outside of the pants. (If a top is covering the zipper, then it doesn't matter how it's pinned.) That can come in handy to prevent a zipper's "teeth" from becoming separated or to prevent a zipper from accidentally falling down.

Those who laugh at us (instead of letting us know what happened) in this kind of situation probably don't like themselves very much/have low self-esteem and, as misery loves company, they want others to feel as bad as they do. If there's an afterlife, they'll get theirs (including those who go around unzipping people's clothing)! ;)