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Go back to him or not?

me and my ex were great together but he wasnt totally ready for a relationship me and him have been super close ever since but lately we have shown feelings for each other idk if i should or not what do you guys think


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how old are you and him? do you think he has matured to a acceptable level? do you have any other guys that you are more comfortable with? what are you looking for in a relationship?
i am 15 he just turned 17. i do think he is mature. i really am not comfortable with other guys and i am looking for not only a loving caring relationship i am looking for a great friendship.
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given your responses it seems worh a try to start again.

i caution you to date as many boys as possible at your tender age before selecting a boy that can meet your lofty expectations.

seems you have no way of comparing him to other partners and are looking for the easy way out
how many relationships in all?
as i said previously he seems worthy of one more chance at having relationship with you if truly has matured to your level.
that is a very reasonable amount for your age. i wish you luck in your second attempt with your last lover. romantically how experienced are you? still at the kissing and holding hand stage or...
very glad to hear you say that.

just wanted to know because of your comments he was not ready for a relationship. thought perhaps you meant he was not ready sexually for a relationship which would be unusual for a seventeen year old boy.