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You must have at least 5 posts before you are allowed a signature. No outside links are allowed whatsoever in Threads, Posts, Signatures, Avatars, Blogs etc. We have these rules in place to make it harder for spammers to pollute the forum and make our staffs life easier. The less our staff have to work keeping spammers out the more they are able to enjoy the forum :)

Treat Others As You Would Want To Be Treated

We do not allow abusive posts towards other members and ask that you treat others as you would wish to be treated. Any posts that we feel violate this guideline may be removed and the person who posted it disciplined in some manner.

All Ages Welcome

This forum is for females 13 and older. While the "Girls" in our name may seem like we only cater to young females, this is far from the truth :) We want this website to be a great place for females to interact with others and feel that age is not a factor at all when it comes to helping others with questions.

Reporting Content

If you feel like someone has broken one of our guidelines or someone is being abusive to you, please use our Report feature to alert us. We review every Report to determine what action, if any need to be taken.
Not open for further replies.