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Girl to girl advice on a friend/boyfriend/cheater situation


New Member
So my best friend was dating my boyfriend's friend for 3 years. They broke up for good a few months ago as he was being really shady and she suspected be was up to no good. I found out from my boyfriend this week that my friend's ex is now dating another one of THEIR friend's girlfriend's - aka they've potentially been having an affair as she only broke up with her long term bf a few weeks ago. My friend had to move out of their place back to her parents house 4 hours away, is probably going to have to quit her job as her commute is now crazy. Do I tell her about this new information in case she hears it from someone else first and she's blindsided? Or do I just keep quiet and let her try and heal as long as possible before finding out since they've already broken up anyway? I don't want her to feel hurt I've kept this a secret from her if she does find out later down the line. She still has to speak to him briefly as he owes her some money so she has been trying to keep him sweet until she gets all of that back. Very complicated! What do you think would be best for your best friend?