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Hey girls,

I have been talking to this guy for like a week and he isn’t really anything special but we have been getting on well. Yesterday he was literally being so forward and eager to meet me and today he has just dropped off the side of the earth...why do boys do this?!


Staff member
There might be a logical explanation (something unexpected came up, etc.) or it might be a case of him getting some bad advice from a "bro": "Oh, don't seem so eager. Make her wait..."

If he said he was going to contact you today (and he doesn't by this evening), you might like to send him a quick message asking him is everything okay. Something might have happened and he couldn't contact you.

You'll find out, in time, whether he's just playing games or not. Some men think they have to wait a certain amount of time before contacting a woman (so he doesn't seem desperate). Seems to me, if I liked someone, I wouldn't make them wait. ;)

P.S. If he's eager to meet you, he might be hoping to have sex (or at least make out) with you. If you do meet him, you might want to stay in a public place - and don't drink alcohol! (We often don't think clearly when we're under the influence of a mind-altering drug.)



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Don't be so sensitive Daisy. Maybe he just got busy, sick in bed, arrested, dead- could be a 1000 reasons.