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Getting married to get out of financial struggles?


New Member
Hello girls, I need some advice on how should I approach this. I just turned 22, there's a man who is 58 year old who's asking for my hand in marriage in return for my financial stability. Do you think it's worth it? At one point it's really nice cause it's an easy way out and I can build business from his money too.. But at the same time I fear that I might missing out on life.


It sounds promising, but I say to you: some things aren't worth the money! If I were you, I wouldn't accept it! You're better off building yourself up! Sure, it's lot a harder and takes a long time, but at least it will be for you. Besides, that man may be looking for someone he feels he can bully and control, and that's probably why he asked you! This isn't an arranged marriage; you don't have to marry him!