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Gender neutral bathrooms- your take?


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So I suppose, of all people, I should rejoice to see so many shops and stores going to gender neutral bathrooms. But I'm not. I find them demeaning. I don't want to be seen as a neutral gender. I want to go into a women's (only) room. How do you ladies feel
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I don't mind gender neutral bathrooms at all, I think it's neat that one doesn't have to worry about going to the right bathroom. :) The most important thing to me is that there's a bathroom at least available when it's needed.

sandy brady

gender neutral toilets are the worst. they are always dirty. i dont know if my university just has dirty people in general or the people who go into the gender neutral toilets just dont care about bacteria and STDs.
Personally i dont see the point in a gender neutral toilet. you wanna go into a female toilet. do it. you wanna go into a male toilet . do it. dont trouble me with where you are going to pee


I don't see what good can come from gender neutral toilets. What purpose does it serve to put women in a dangerous or compromised situation when she's trying to do her business? It doesn't elevate anyone's status and no matter what the media likes to brainwash people into thinking, women and men are not the same. Trying to push some lame agenda is not only asinine but dangerous.