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Fun Ice Breaker! What are you wearing?!

Pretty Pumpkin

New Member
Hey everyone,

Hope everyone is safe and doing well and not going too crazy yet staying at home!

I am new here and thought I could have my first post as a fun ice breaker! :)

If we were to swap clothing right now, what would I be wearing?

You would be wearing an off the shoulder shirt with black yoga pants! Also, if we were going into every detail, you would also be wearing a pink v-string thong and a matching pink bra! :)

I know my outfit isn’t too cute right now haha but curious to see what everyone else has on!




Staff member
You would be wearing comfy, soft pajamas with lots of lace and frills and comfy slippers. (I love the sexy lingerie but they're often uncomfortable with lace that "scratches" against my skin - rather than soft lace.) :)


Active Member
Hmmm, I'm working as you read this so its a grey tweed skirt and suit jacket, white satin blouse, wine colored leather belt and matching sling back heels. Sort of usual Monday morning attire in an office.