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Friends with exes?

Are You Friends With Your Exes?

  • Yes!

    Votes: 32 19.5%
  • N o Way!

    Votes: 60 36.6%
  • Some of them!

    Votes: 72 43.9%

  • Total voters

elizabeth taylor

New Member
Hello, my name is Elizabeth, i was going through an article and found out about a man called Dr Bomoh. i have been suffering from breakup issues with different guys. i had to contact the spell caster.Steve was on the verge of leaving me for another woman. but i stayed positive and believe i could have him back and make him stay. lo and behold Dr Bomoh helped me.Steve and i are getting married soon. Dr Bomoh is such a nice man, he also helped me stop my cardiac problem. Thanks to him and thanks to God for the gift given to him.
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I tell it like it is, and how it should be
If you can or cannot be friends is entirely dependent on the NATURE of your relationship. In general, if you were in deep met the family piss with the door open love, odds of a friendship are incredibly rare. The ability to have a friendship is almost directly proportional to how in love you were. Am i friends with my ex? I told his new gf that she looks like the type of girl that rents couches and has weeds growing out of the cracks of her shower tiles and doesn't wipe behind the toilet........sooooooooo....ya..i loved him. :eek: he can shove his friendship up her ass:)
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actually after divorce with my husband my ex boyfriend before him who is his best friend rekindled our romance. while my ex husband is upset he has accepted our relationship. my ex boyfriend remained friendly during our marriage and it was obvious he was still in love with me. i am still friends with three other men i consider ex's


New Member
He wont kill himself be sure. Or? he will one day if you are friends or no, I mean irrespective if this fact.

I am against of all friendships with ex-es. It won't let the person start up new long relationship. Besides, the friend must be husband/wife (gf/bf). Maybe sounds too critical but I didnt see a happy family or healthy relations with an ex-es from one or another side.


Active Member
lostchild: if you enjoy sex with him or don't want him dead you will always be sad if you refuse and he really committed suicide. think carefully before answering the question to him. you should also get professional consultation for him as this is dangerous trait to threatening to commit suicide for any reason.

Dulci Rose

New Member
A friend is a very strong word.Strong relationship.Maybe u cannot be friends, like close friends, but its nice to maintain in a healthy relationship with someone u shared nice moments with. However, its tricky. Especially if u broke up with them, and they still have feelings for u, its never gonna happen even if both parties want to. And vice versa. And of course some relationships are so powerful and passionate that is impossible to remain anything after.And maybe that is the beauty of great loves after all. ALL OR NOTHING.

Wee Rocket

Personal Trainer, Competitor, Strongwoman
No. None of them.

Not all of my relationships ended badly, but I think it's disrespectful to any new partners to try and remain active friends (social media friends that don't even communicate is not the same as 'staying friends')

I will be polite etc, but in most cases I don't think it's appropriate to spend quality time with them


Just a figment
It all depends on how we broke up. If it was honest, open and amiable I have no problem staying friends. If things aren't amiable, screw it, I want nothing to do with it. One the trash is taken out I'm not bringing it back inside the house.


Very nightly
I'm friends with my ex and I don't really see anything wrong with it. Maybe we remained friends because the relationship closely resembled just friendship - romantic stuff scares me though so I wouldn't know.


New Member
I put "Some of them" because there are a couple that I don't see anymore and we've just lost contact


be good lady
i break gentle with guys so no hard feelings by introducing to one of my hot girlfriends so happy good bye


be good lady
mommy advice me not to make enemies is best idea to self protect. i ask her how to dump a boyfriend i don't enjoy sex with anymore but don't hate him. she gave me this idea to introduce to one of my cute girlfriends that would eases him away from me.

i do same favor to them also


Active Member
most of my ex guys hate me for dumping them for someone else. two are still remote connections chat on occasions