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Friends with exes?

Are You Friends With Your Exes?

  • Yes!

    Votes: 32 19.5%
  • N o Way!

    Votes: 60 36.6%
  • Some of them!

    Votes: 72 43.9%

  • Total voters


New Member
My exes and I can't be friends as they always want to get back together when I've already had more than enough of it :/
I'd have to say that it depends on the circumstances. I had to break up with a guy because he was in the military and had to move. We parted ways on such good terms that I hope if he ever comes back to this area I hope he looks me up-but I'm not expecting him to do that. Then I had another guy that broke up with me because he said our relationship was too "complicated" for him. I personally think he was just looking for an excuse to move on to something he thinks is better. I hope I never see him again.


New Member
I'm friends with one or two of them, but the two more serious ones I've had before my (now) husband are completely cut off. I just don't see what we would have to gain from remaining friends, and the break ups weren't good ones.


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I'm only friends with one of my exes because we broke up on relatively mutual terms. I can't say things are how they used to be, though...


New Member
I'm having good relations with all of my ex boyfriends. But I can't call them my friends.
For example, for me, as a woman, is unpleasant if my boyfriend or husband is friends with his ex girlfriends.

I mean those "friendship" relations, when you share the most personal and call every time you need some advice. Guess I would not accept that if my partner had such relations, so don't do the same from my side.
My best friend is my current partner, as long as I want to grow our feelings and develop our relations.


New Member
We´re not really good friends but we used to write once in a while. Sometimes it´s easier to stop seeing them but it depends on the situation.
In my opinion it´s easier to be friends if it was an affair but not so easy after long relationships.


New Member
I voted some of them because I'm Friends with people I dated in High School, but the last really serious relationships I had, No!


where I live being friends with exes means wether you didn't love them truly or you still love them and you can't get over them, so I think" NO".


New Member
I don't think that I could ever be friends with someone that I broke up or someone who broke up with me. I mean honestly why would you want to be? You used to have feelings for them, so that might end up getting in the way of the relationship that you could get into with someone new.


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You can't build normal friendly relationship with your ex. Because it is too hard to switch your feelings and to be just friends after all of that!
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Maybe one of us want to forget ex for ever.It is quit shot but effective as for me - Maybe some of us finally could forget about exes, after read that. Because I think that friendship with ex doesn't exist
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