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Friends with exes?

Are You Friends With Your Exes?

  • Yes!

    Votes: 32 19.5%
  • N o Way!

    Votes: 60 36.6%
  • Some of them!

    Votes: 72 43.9%

  • Total voters


It depends?

My previous ex-bf... He was really crazy. I messaged him out of goodwill once to try and see if we can still be friends and then he replies nicely first. Then he intimidated me by saying that everyone in my school doesn't like me because I'm a flirt(wtf. I don't even flirt. =.=) and then he says stuff like, go **** with your brother and you'll understand the pleasure of s** . And I was like. :O go get a life man... go get a life.

lovely cat

i have nevr dated anyone so i can't say anything but some of my friends r still friends with thier exes.


New Member
It depends on the person and the reason for the break-up. A few guys I was friends with before getting involved with and they're still in touch. Another guy that I was not friends with prior to our relationship I cut all ties with - but he was kind of kooky. Practically stalked me after we broke up. I have zero intention of ever speaking to him again.


New Member
Yes, i do that so as to tease them and as a way to help me get over them quickly.And by talking to them freely is a way of showing them i can live without them in my life


yup still friends, we still do joke about.
but one of my ex, although we're still friends, i can tell he's avoiding to get too close, it's always awkward when we hang out even in groups. i don't think it's because i dumped him, maybe coz he's married. i still remember back then when i ended it, he told me he will not change his feelings even if in future he would to find or marry another. even i feel awkward seeing him when i think about it..


Hm that's really a difficult question. In my case with the most of them we have a friendly relationship after our break but the situation becomes weird when we have new relationships.
I recently had a "Old Flame" visit me ...it is interesting to look back on your life and see how your life might have been if you continued that relationship.
I have seemed to have made some good choices in my life, but it is "fun" looking back.
There are other ex's that I do see around and do my best to avoid, "What was I thinking!" *Ug!*


no way! If you broke up, you broke up for a reason, and unless you were really good friends with the person beforehand, then there is no real need to have that person in your life.


We still hold contact, so I put yes, however it's gotten a lot less and he just yells at me most of the time we talk.
Honestly, I kinda feel like the fault for him breaking up with me is mine.


I haven't stayed in contact with any of ny exes mainly because when we broke up we were both upset or hurt, I would have liked to stay friends with them though but it might not be healthy for either of you to do that depending on how serious the relationship was.


New Member
All my exes either moved or turned out to be real jerks....so no, I have yet to remain friends with any of them. I am however, like best friends with all my friends exes.

Wendy in Canada

I've only remained friends with one. If I dump a man, I generally don't even talk to him again. In one case, where I worked at the same company as my ex and had to talk to him, I was cold and bitchy, wouldn't look at him when I spoke to him etc.


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I find that for guys, they mostly want to remain friends. But for me, it's difficult to do so, even if the guy has been really nice.