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Friends with exes?

Are You Friends With Your Exes?

  • Yes!

    Votes: 32 19.5%
  • N o Way!

    Votes: 60 36.6%
  • Some of them!

    Votes: 72 43.9%

  • Total voters


<b>Community Manager</b>
Just thought I'd post a poll in here to see how many of us have actually remained friends with our ex boyfriends? I usually find it easy to just be friends with mine, but I know others have a really hard time with this.

Vote on the poll please girls!



New Member
All my exex are still friends :)
If you/he broke up without a fight or something, there is no problem and I think it's much esier to come over them. :)


I put "Some of them" because there are a couple that I don't see anymore and we've just lost contact.


New Member
I've had some problems with this topic for a while. I've tried to be friends with some of my exes...never worked out because they always though I was still into them. I'm somewhat close with my last ex...somewhat of a crazy relationship. But sometimes I feel like my exes understand me better than others.


I tried to remain friends with all of them but it wasn't to be. Still having problems with one 10 years later. I envy you guys that manage it :)


i actually get on better with my ex hub now than i was doing at the end of our marriage...and my facebook friends list is testament to how many other exes i'm still friends with: the casual relationships yes by the looks of it, but the ones that really mattered (and so hurt like hell), then no...

Dark dreaM

New Member
Some of them. It depends on a person. Some of my exes r too hot-tempered & it's difficult even to talk to them not to be frnds.


still friends with all my exes although some try their luck to get back together especially those who tell you that they regretted breaking up or they must have lost their mind to agree to the break up blah. blah... guys normally don't treasure you when they have you...


New Member
i rather remain friends with an ex rather than just having them completely disappear from my live because they were once such a huge part of me and i dont want them to go away.


New Member
i voted 'some of them'
some i don't want to be friends with
others that i have stayed friends with we have slowly drifted apart over time


Active Member
some of them, i usually like to stay friends... but also i used to break up at a quite early stage (usually ~ 3 months) when i see that s not what i want and how i want it, feel bored, not loved or sth. it doesn t get to fights in the first place and makes it easier to stay friends, develop into another direction. i ve got one now very good friend who i rebuffed before entering a relationship at all which was a very hard choice back then because i did really like him a lot and felt connected in an unusual way but yet i felt it was not enough for a relationship somehow.