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Raven Faye

New Member
Hey guys so here is the story.

I've had this friend I've known since 3rd grade and he is like family to me.
We used to have a crush on each other and for years I denied him. Sometimes we would kiss but I always pushed him away. It was like in 9th grade when I crushed him so hard. This lead to him ******* with other girls and my response to him was that I didn't want to see him again. We didn't talk for almost 2 years. But this last May he came over to have a sleepover with my brother. And at the time I made a pact to be more real to others since life is to short. I told him my feelings for him and he laughed and told its been a long time coming. He said he had stopped messing around after I yelled at him and he's trying to do better.
Obviously I was swept off my feet. In August he came over unexpectedly to sleep over and let's just say.. We got on.
I don't regret it cause I truly believe we live each. However I'm constantly putting his sexual demands in check cause he doesn't want to date me. He doesn't want to have a committed relationship despite always confessing his love for me and literally begging me not leave him.
I told him from the beginning we should hold this off for like 2 years when we are well into college but he didn't want either.
Currently I've stopped messing around with him.
And now he is like lets want 2 years from now to pursue this.
It so frustrating cause these things are only relevant when he wants it to be.
But my question is should I cut it off completely and break his heart or pursue what ever the **** we are cause I'm confused.....