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Friend Involved With Kooky Religious Group

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A friend has become involved in a rather off the wall (or at least less than mainstream) religions. There are some slightly more dangerous aspects to it as well.

Would you just step back and not say anything? If something doesn't change, she'll be lost to me very soon.
Now that is a tough situation. If you truly see danger in this group, you should definitely try pointing that out to her but be careful that you don't sound judgmental. It's always hard to try to get involved with someone's religious beliefs when we disagree with them. You may have to step back and wait it out, too.


I think you should try to talk about it with her but like Lady Divine said be cautious about what you say and nonjudgemental or you will lose her.
That is what I fear. I know that she talks a lot about how 'true Christians' will be persecuted and so I realise that the danger is that I will seem like I am doing just that. I need a way to do this whilst still seeming supportive.
She has to see the light herself unfortunately and anything you do to try and convince her she is wrong will be viewed as an attack on her spirituality. The one thing you can do is ask her questions that you know she cannot answer, or that might lead her in the direction of the truth.

So turn to Google. Search for issues with the faith, and see if you can find issues that others have with it. You really need to work carefully here!
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