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first time to have -ex


New Member
I am a virgin till now(22). I decided to give it to my boyfriend. we've been dating for nearly 8 months. will he think i'm cheap or smth. idk why but i feels like to experience these things with him and only him. but i m scared he might think me cheap. he knows i m virgin. let me know how to overcome the fear of him thinking me cheap.
thank you in advance


Staff member
You could ask him but I'm sure he would say no. (Men usually say no whether or not they think the woman is "cheap" so it's hard to know how they really feel.)

I know you want to be intimate with him and only him, so would it be safe to say you would marry him if he asked you? That you love him?
But does he love you? If he hasn't asked you to marry him yet (seeing as you've been together for eight months now), I wonder how much does he love you.

Has he ever asked you to have sex with him (or acted in a way that he wanted you to have sex with him)? If he did and you said no, he might be having sex with someone else but is still dating you, waiting for you to be ready - in which case, he may not love you as much as you love him.

If he's one of those rare men who is comfortable being in a platonic relationship, I wouldn't initiate sex yet (as having sex can often complicate a relationship), even though you'd like to. He may think of you as a friend rather than a girlfriend.

If you do have sex with him, has he said what he'll do if you get pregnant (because no contraceptive device/practice is 100% effective). And if he's having sex with someone else (because he's not getting it from you), what if he has a sexually transmitted disease and gives it to you?

There are a lot of factors to take into consideration when deciding whether to have sex with someone, not just what he'll think of you/whether his opinion of you will change, I'm sorry to say.

Ultimately you need to make a decision, but if his friendship is more important to you than having sex with him, I wouldn't have sex with him and risk losing the friendship/companionship. I'd wait and see what happens.


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I agree with Christine and Rhonda.. the best is to hold on till u guys get married. It's a whole different feeling when u know u have kept yourself for the guy who actually deserved it, who chose to share your life with you.. who actually becomes your legal husband.. Also in some cultures it considered to be a blood covenant(because of the hymen) with your husband & is considered holy... so if it were me I would have held on for the right moment..