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Fifty shades of Grey


New Member
Hello girls,

I've just finished watching the IT movie of the year: Fifty shades of Grey. I've read the two first books and I stopped because I didn't like it that much.
Then I watched the movie...And I just had a question for all of you? Don't you think it's a bit of a macho movie? This handsome guy harassing (I feel like it is harassment, he almost forces her to have sex with him) this young and naive lady. I feel like she must say yes after so much asking...

What do you think it the will power of Anastasia is present in the book and the movie?


New Member
I think that this is a topic that has been talked about a lot. I mean I think that he's pretty powering over her, and that's not a good thing. Many people have talked about that, and it's not the best thing. I think the the author didn't know the book would get so popular so she didn't think it through that much. I heard that the book was fan fiction first.