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Federal Government Drops The Ball On Immigration Again

Our wonderful federal government has dropped the ball on illegal immigration again. Just today I heard in the news that a federal official told a North Carolina educational official it was not their decision to make in keeping illegal immigrants from attending colleges here in North Carolina.
I disagree and I have the law on my side. Do any of you know about the RICO act and the conspiracy law? Basically the conspiracy law says if you help someone break the law then you are criminally liable under the RICO act. The RICO act was made to fight organized crime but has been used for years for any type of conspiracy situation. What makes the conspiracy law so deadly is the limited amount of evidence necessary to charge someone under it.

Considering that it is against the law to be an illegal immigrant in this country, one could be placing themselves in a position of liability by enabling these people to prosper here. You are committing a conspiracy in helping them in this country. RICO could be used in this manner, it has been used for less. So now we have a state government forcing a educational official to place himself in a liability situation by enabling a illegal immigrant. Helping a known fugitive is a criminal offense and any illegal immigrant is a fugitive because they know before they cross the border.

When are you folks going to wake up and take back control of your government rather than allowing them to control you. It is your right and duty. You know the constitution, or at least you should it was taught in school. So get active.