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what is your night routine? - normal day

. Get changed into comfortable clothes
. Remove my makeup
. Shower/freshen up
. Have dinner
. Watch netflix/ go on social media
. Facial and hygiene routine
. Journal/ pray
. Bedtime

Coconut Oil For Scars

How does coconut oil work for scars?

Nylons- a girls best friend.

I usually just wear pantyhose for everyday- probably like most of you. But going out, I want the power of really nice hose- like these from Secrets in Lace. So when I'm wearing these, maybe I do flash a little more leg than necessary getting out of a car. Shameless at my age, I know.

Love This Pocketbook

Ferragamo Vara Rainbow in White. Can't believe my newest crush spent $1,400 on it for our 100 day anniversary celebration

How to fix/find my style *PLEASE HELP!!!*

Let's face it... I'm a country farm girl with a broken sense of style.
I'm not really interested in guys thinking I'm hot, sexy etc. But I would like to look more attractive and stop being afraid of the mirror. I used to be comfortable with my misshapen and cracked style sense, but now I just hate everything I wear, how dirty I ALWAYS look and how my makeup looks good, but doesn't really improve my cowgirl jeans. Don't get me wrong, I'm a very lucky girl, with plenty of great features...

Go back to him or not?

me and my ex were great together but he wasnt totally ready for a relationship me and him have been super close ever since but lately we have shown feelings for each other idk if i should or not what do you guys think



What's going on with this guy?

This man, who is my therapist, had said something to me that made me feel uncertain about how he views me. I had told him once that I liked him as a therapist. Right after I had made that comment, he told me that he was glad that I had said that and that I've always been his favorite client. Another time, I was getting ready to leave a session and he said, "I hope you enjoy this warm weather, such as yourself". Then he quickly fixed what he had said by saying, "such as today". He also tries...

Do you like online shopping for clothes?

Do any of you enjoy online shopping for clothes? Or do you return most of what you buy?
I know in places like Hong Kong, return policies don't really exist so online shopping isn't popular.

What tips do you have? What else do you buy online or will never buy online?

Describe Your Style

hi everybody!!!!
i would like to know in a few words how you would describe your style....
also could you list down all your clothing in your wardrobe,.....
my style is "cute & casual"
and i have 2 dresses, and 1 set of separates
plus my flip flops
also, what item of clothing you wish to get, or to get rid of from your wardrobe,....

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