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Favorite Taylor Swift Songs and Why?


cali watson

I am a HUGE Taylor Swift fan and I would LOVE to know what everyones favs by her are !
I have a few from each album such as Our Song, Cold as you, Fearless, Mean, WANEGBT, and Begin Again.


I have a few favourites too, I love our song and mine, but I also love red and 22, ny friends in school are absolutely obsessed with Taylor swift ;-)
I suppose I enjoy "22" because I love girl nights out and having fun!
It reminds me of being with my friends.
I do enjoy "You belong with me", because stealing someone elses lover is a interest to most everyone...ya know the grass is always greener on the other side!
Some of her slow "emotional" songs just don't cut my mustard but, I think she has a great voice and she cure can hit those perfect notes... with a country twang!


New Member
The most I like "Love story". I would like to find some day a love like in this song... I think it's so touching and deep. For me this song show what's the true love is:

Romeo save me they're trying to tell me how to feel
this love is difficult, but its real
Don't be afraid we'll get out of this mess
It's a love story
Baby, just say yes
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I love Taylor Swift and so many of her songs are really special to me... I totally agree with Emily about Love Story - its such a great song about love and hope....

Nicky plask

Taylor swift is great,I love her songs! You belong with me , Love story, I knew you were trouble, mean , teardrops on my guitar , everything has changed - are the best!!!


New Member
Her more olders ones like love story, you belong with me, and our song are my favorites.
But I really like I knew you were trouble too.
I'm not a diehard Taylor fan, but she is a really talented singer. :)


I like a lot of her stuff but my favourite songs would be
"Love story",
"Mean" oh and the one with Tim McGraw "Highway don't care"


i guess i like "Mean" most. it always made me feel stronger when ppl were being mean..:)
but i like a lot of her songs.. if not all of them :D
Mary's Song (Oh My My My My)
Our Song

Her songs are so catchy and so relatable and well-written! I like them, too!