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Fave books from childhood?


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I was reading an Enid Blyton book to my daughter last night and it got me thinking about books I remember from my childhood like The Faraway Tree and the famous five etc, which books do you remember from your childhood?
When I was about 8,I started reading Tom Sawyer. It was good and I say,it was my favourite . ♥

Currently,My favourite is " A stranger in the mirror" from Sydney Sheldon


Mine was an Enid Blyton called Tales From Long Ago - it was her retelling of some myths and legends like Echo, Icarus and King Midus etc, etc. It's what got me fascinated with all that stuff. I also love the Faraway Tree stories and one that is still one of my favourite books now - The Iron Wolf by Richard Adams.
The Magic Faraway Tree was one of my favs, I think I still have it somewhere in the loft.
Alice in Wonderland, and The Lion, The witch and The Wardrobe were also favs of mine.

Lisa x


I remember lots. Famous Five, Fatty & The Five Find Outers, Secret Seven (all Enid Blyton).

Beatrix Potter was good.

Milly Molly Mandy (my sister used to read them to me).

Meg and Mog - stories about a witch and her cat - baby book really LOL

My favourites however, were the Irish Fairy tales that my Dad and my cousin used to tell me. I always used to cry when I heard the stories of Oisín and Niamh and Tír na nÓg - those were my favourites :)
I remember I got The Chronicles of Narnia one Christmas when I was young, and loving them. Anne of Green Gables, The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle and The Secret Garden were all favs when I was young too. :)


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i didn't like to read stories very much when i was little but i read cinderella and the little red riding hood and snowwhite and other stories like this,,

but when i first started reading i read "All Around The Town"
From when I was younger then six my favorite was called something like: Oodles of Noodles.

When I was older: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. xD


About an egg who went to walk around the world xD I loved it and my grandma told me the same fairy everytime different xD

Then, from serious books, Little prince, Around the world in 80 days, Harry Potter, and maybe more.. I'm too old to remember xD


"Anne From Green Gable" and "A Little Princess" ^^. I was even making braids to be like Anne xd.


Oooh I loved Anne of Green Gables! That was one of my favorites too, along with...

anything by Gordon Korman
the American Girl books
the Sweet Valley High series
the Nancy Drew Notebooks series
the Encyclopdia Brown series
the Little House on the Prairie books
the Winnie the Pooh books
The Princess Diaries (and anything else by Meg Cabot)
the Alice series

...and there were many more, but I can't think of them all right now!