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Facebook posts!!!!!


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Nowadays one question comes out in my mind is that does Facebook really make us more closer with our friends and family?? And another thing is majority people in Facebook they post their happy things every times but personally I know they aren’t but somehow I feel really anxious when I see their happy life in Facebook ... girls honestly I am not a bad girl at all. Definitely I ain’t angels... being a human I have mixed characters some of them are good and some of them are bad..however, some people they show and wanna prove their continuous success in their life. Even they poked me and called me up to listen their success story....seriously I don’t get it... and for those persons activities feel me low....help me out ladies from this hell


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Facebook is largely a fictional (or glossed over) version of life. A lot of stuff posted on there are things that people wish would happen and they post it and live the lie. I guess it's easier to make one's self sound happy and successful than posting the literal truth. Reminding ourselves of daily mediocrity isn't any fun and doesn't exactly encourage us to be happy and optimistic. I'm not even sure why people post on there at all; it's personal stuff and should be kept that way. I don't post on facebook; I have an account because it's the only way I can sign into certain sites online. Too much personal info out there is a bad idea, and the phony success stories are just rubbing everyone's nose in things that don't even necessarily exist.


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Nowadays one question comes out in my mind is that does Facebook really make us more closer with our friends and family??
Probably not as liking or commenting on their stuff doesn't always exactly count as being close.
People often don't publish absolutely everything on Facebook, just the best kind of things that might make it seem like the person has succeeded at everything they've done. It's a bit odd how some people have the constant need to flaunt their success on the internet, as if they had something to prove to others.

This thread reminded me of how it's been a while since I last posted something on Facebook. If anything, there will be just cat photos and birthday wishes. :p