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hey friends!
how many of you loved twilight and its saga new moon?
if yes then you might be excited for its next part "ECLIPSE" ;)

well i am very much excited and i am looking forward to go to cinema with my friends.
but i just hope this time they use some good graphics :)

Gourcuff Love

I went to this film
It is beautiful and the story of a sweet and everyone played their part
The story is very romantic
I am endowed with the film
Jacob and Bella and Edward more people love them

Best clip film say it is what I want to marry your Bella
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We just watched the movies again, the other weekend! I love the story but
I wish Edward hadn't left Bella (to protect her so she wouldn't get hurt), in New Moon. Leaving her hurt her the most!

In Eclipse, Jacob said he loved Bella but he kissed her against her will and wouldn't let her go for awhile, even when she tried to push him away. That's not love.