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Drinking Tea


I love tea! I especially love my tea straight (no honey, milk, etc. added) because it feels so much more natural. I have a variety of teas that I love, but my favorite is green tea!


New Member
I love tea. But I drink only classic Chinese green tea. Here’s a recipe how to make it: 1)Heat water, boil a cup in which you will brew tea. 2)Pour the leaves into a teapot. 1 teaspoon per 1 glass of water will be enough. 3)Fill with water, wait 20-40 seconds and pour out the water. This will clean the teapot from dust and foreign odors. 4) Then fill again with water and leave to infuse for about 2 minutes. This will be enough for the first brew. For each subsequent exposure time increase by 15-20 seconds. You can brew green tea at least 5 times, some varieties up to 8 times. In this case, each cup will differ in aroma, taste, color of the drink.