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Drinking Before Hanging Out


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I was supposed to go out alone with one of my male friends for first time. I am not completely sure, but it seemed like he liked me. We meet in a little shop where some of our friends were having lunch. Before leaving for our date, this friend asked for a bottle of beer and drink it all by himself right in front of me. I don't know if he was being rude or if he did it to calm down before our date. I was not brave enough to ask why he did it. What do you think?
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Some people, use alcohol to calm themselves. So, I think your friend might be like that. But, I suggest being careful, if he does like you and only the two of are going out especially if he's drunk. Yes, he might be your friend but some people change when they're drunk.


I say no pressure. Parties are about enjoying it. I suppose it could be viewed as a bit weird to chug a drink in front of new friends, but hey, maybe he knows something we don't. Maybe a little "whassa chilla whosa" never hurt. Alternatively, perhaps, maybe you two are the ones being too serious; I don't know, I'm not you.


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I agree with Jessica. Some people can change (after they've been drinking), including us.

Alcohol often lowers our inhibitions and, sadly, there are too many guys who will take advantage of this fact and try to have sex with us after offering us alcohol.
Because we're "not ourselves", we often do things we regret the next morning - when we're in our full mental faculties once again. But by then, the damage is done and we have to live with the regret.

As we're approaching the holidays (which often include lots of parties), I'd like to take this opportunity to gently remind all you lovely ladies out there: please be careful;

Don't leave your drink unattended,

Don't accept a drink from someone (even the "host" of the party) unless you know him very well. (Too many guys will offer to get you a drink but without you knowing, they'll put a drug into it which incapacitates you, such as a date rape drug.)

Try not to drink from the punch-bowl (as too many guys think it's funny to secretly add alcohol and then take advantage of the party guests - such as molesting them, making fun of them while recording it and then uploading it to YouTube, robbing them, etc.) A good host/hostess will have unopened cans and bottles of drink available for their guests.

Try to have a full meal before the party (so any alcohol we do drink won't be on an empty stomach - that's when the alcohol goes "straight to our brain").

All it takes is one person to ruin a party and leave us with regrets, maybe for the rest of our life.

As Solitaire says: do take care and stay safe.