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Does he like me?

This guy in my history class is always sitting close to me. Sometimes he stands behind me and does not say anything. He also sits in front of me and stretches his arms all the way back like every 5 minutes and tries to put his hands close to my face while doing that. We do not really talk, but he is always around me and acts kind of weird. The other day he literally invaded my personal space and did not say anything. I tried to move away from him and he moved closer. Why does he act like that? Do you think he might like me?


be good lady
seems him is shy, and feeling you out for your reaction to his presence near you. these gestures make me think he wants to play with you. i think only way you can find out is by flirting with him to see results if he wants play with you.

mostly forward bad boys chase me and my reputation is known in school so guys very aggressive around me so easy to know they want play with me