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Does he actually care about me or was he just interested in the sex?


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So I talked to this army guy from my state for like 3-4 months while he was in AIT and we planned on seeing each other when he got done with it. Well, that didn’t happen to his leave didn’t get approved so he didn’t come home. Anyways, he just came home recently and we hung out for four days out of his week leave. He had invited me to his party of a few people and I went. We all of course got drunk and we all talked and had a great. Everyone decided to go to bed. So When we were alone he boldly kissed me and I felt The chemistry. He then asked me if I wanted to go upstairs to cont. and I agreed. We made out for literal hours and then stopped and just laid in bed and talked for hours upon hours. Then we finally had sex after I initiated it. The morning he brought me new clothes, made me breakfast, and gave me water. Then he said he would love to see me again before he left. I went back a couple days later and just hung out with him and his friends. He took me for a ride in his nice car and stuff where we just cruised and talked. We got back and watched Hulu with the bros, then they went to bed and he asked if I wanted to go lay down and I agreed. We just cuddled and talked again for a few hours up until I intimated the kiss and that lead to another thing that was somewhat passionate with a connection. Afterwards when we were going to bed and cuddling, he said it had been months since he’s held someone and kissed me on the head. The next day he didn’t want me to leave so soon. I hung out with him and his friend. He took me out for lunch and then we drove around and watched more Hulu when we got back for the rest of the day. When I had to leave, he walked me to my car and he said how much he will miss me and he really wants to see me again when he comes back home and he hopes I don’t ship out before then. He gave me a long hug and then kissed me on the forehead and we said our goodbyes. The next day when he left back to the fort, he called me and we talked for hours about life. So do you think he was just being nice And just in it for the sex, or do you think there was an actual connection?


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It does seem like he cares about you as a person (rather than just using you for sex).

At first I thought: "Oh, this sounds familiar: the guy gets the poor woman drunk, then she has sex with him!" But then, the way he was acting afterwards, it seemed like he connected with you on an emotional level, not just a physical level.

Only time will tell whether there's a lasting relationship there or not, but it seems promising.

Please feel free to let us know how things go. ;)


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It seem he really likes you and enjoys spending time with you.. I would say from what you have said that he wasn’t using you at all. So all good!