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does anyone here play video games?

Consider myself guilty :D
I got a game boy colour, advance, advance SP, Ds, DSi, 3DS, Wii, Playstation 2 and 3 and a PS Vita!
If you'd like to start gaming more "seriously", I would advise you to buy more ps games, since there are considered more "mature" in contrast to Nintendo. Nintendo does have a lot of good mature games too, like Resident Evil, but they tend to stay in the family games corner.
If anyone of you has Animal Crossing New leaf for 3DS, message me, I love meeting new people there! :D
Legend of Zelda games on Nintendo systems all the way baby! XD
I also love animal crossing games.
RPG internet games....
MMO online games such as Flyff...
And random games on my tablet! :3
Does anyone play games like this one? tinyurl.com/ncwcoo2
I actually wonder why people make games like that. It's mobile android game by the way. So what do you think? What about mobile games at all?

Matryoshka Doll

My 3ds has been essentially grafted to my hand since my boyfriend bought it for me two christmases ago. Other than that I run a couple emulators on pc, and I have a Steam account, but lately it's been hard to find anything super interesting. Too much variety maybe?
I love playing games. I actually just bought a PS4, which I'm pretty excited about. I think that it's going to be great because it will be another way to relax. I used to have a 360, but then that broke so it sucked.


Just a figment
I'm not a video gamer. I really hate playing and it brings out all the worst in me. I play because my roommate always drags me into it. She always wants to play survival horror but if I had my choice I'd go with something light like Mario Party.


What doesn't kill me makes me stronger
I used to like the PS but now I've been getting into playing the Xbox one BC my boyfriend plays a lot. I like playing zombies and grand theft auto 5.


Very nightly
I do play Pokemon yes, although not much else. Sometimes I play games on PC with my friend though, things like Don't Starve Together and Aura Kingdom.